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Kunihiko Tanaka earned his Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism in 1998 from
the University of Kansas- School of Journalism & Mass Communications. In Japan
and the U.S., he has assisted with the production of many news pieces and documentaries,
and has produced five documentaries.

In Japan, with TV Asahi (a commercial television network), Tanaka assisted with the
following productions:

* July 1991: Bangladesh severely damaged by cyclone
- Raised Japanese awareness of hard-hit Bangladeshi villages.
* September 1991: Coup d'etat in U.S.S.R.
Reported live, on location in Moscow and Moldova.
* December 1991: Documentation of the Persian Gulf War.
Exposed the Allied atrocity of burying alive both Iraqi Army soldiers and Bedouins.
* September 1992: Asian Journalist conference on Yangtze River in China.
Covered the first large journalism conference involving Japan, China and Korea.
- Reported on how damming the Yangtze River would affect Chinese villages.
* December 1992: Major festival of the Thakali tribe in the Nepali Himalayas.
Organized and filmed a cultural documentary highlighting the festival,which is held
every twelve years.
* March 1993: Nepal's Tharu tribe.
Organized and filmed a cultural documentary.

From April 1993 to December 1994, as a freelance news assistant with NHK (Japan's
public television network), Tanaka assisted in the production of a series of nature

* Japan's 100 Famous Mountains (Series).
Informed the Japanese public of the magnificent natural environment of their
home islands.

From September 1995 to May 1998, in Lawrence Kansas, with the cooperation of
the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University, Tanaka produced two
documentaries for KUJH-TV (Channel 14 News - University of Kansas television station)
and KCPT (Kansas City Public Television):

* Repatriation and Reburial of Native American Remains.
* South Lawrence Trafficway Proposal.
- Showing the Lawrence community the cultural differences between Native Americans and
White Americans.
- Creating a better mutual understanding between participants.

Since 1998, as an independent journalist,Tanaka has produced several documentary films,
wrote articles for newspapers and magazines, having lectures.  Here are some:

* The Dalai Lama: Special Messages for the 21st century.
- Fostering public awareness about the real face of the Dalai Lama and introducing his
 messages for the new century.

* TIBETAN REFUGEES: A Struggle Beyond Generations (Japanese version).
- Fostering public awareness about the Tibet issue in Japan and elsewhere, highlighting
identity-struggles of the third-generation Tibetan refugees. { The exclusive interview with
the Dalai Lama in April 1999 }
* TIBETAN REFUGEES: A Struggle Beyond Generations (English version).
Selected for Himalaya Film Festival. Highlights identity-struggles of the third-generation
Tibetan refugees.

* “The Himalayas reflects the contemporary world” for the Niigata Daily.
* “The process and essence of the Tibet Issue” for Compassion, a specialized
magazine for the issue.

* “What is the Tibet issue?” in 2001 for Doshisha University.
* “The resent situation of Tibetan Refugees” in 2003 for Asahi Newstar, the satellite channel by Asahi Shimbun.
* “Why is the Tibet issue important for us?” in 2007 for the Amnesty International Japan
* “ The Himalayas: the wonder world” in 2010 for TOKYO FM, a major radio station in Tokyo.

Since 2003, Tanaka has started activities as a producer:

* Japan Video Topics with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2003-2005/2008-2009)
- Offered a comprehensive view of Japanese culture, society,nature, science and technology.

* Himalaya Film Festival Tokyo 2006
* Himalaya Film Festival TOKYO 2008
* Himalaya Film Festival WJ 2009
* Himalaya Film Festival 2010
- Offered an opportunity to think about the Himalayan world and global issues.

Since 2008, Tanaka has been the chief director of the Himalaya Archive Japan, a Japanese nonprofit organization officially certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.